With LucasArts's special edition remake of the original Monkey Island now out for iPhone, Xbox 360, and iPhone, many fans are looking to a possible enhanced version for the adventure title's sequel, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

Though not an official demonstration, this 'Special-Uber Edition' video from artists Hannes Appell and Paco Vink shows what that updated sequel might look like with its background art translated into 3D. Rather than simply repainting or redrawing over the original game's artwork, this idea enhances the original scanned 2D art with a camera projection technique usually used for movie visual effects. Appell explains the technique:

"A camera mapping method is used to create higher image fidelity and detail from the original 2D concept art. In further steps I might take this into a real-time engine (like CRYengine 2) to explore the scene.

The technique is normally used to produce 2,5D or 3D mattepaintings out of a 2D or photo source and to speed up the production process. But hey! There is no rule against using it to enhance a normal 2D background. The original art is projected onto simple 3d geometry that is built with the original viewpoint in mind.

If done right, even basic 3d geometry can enhance lighting mood, shadows and surface details. On top of that camera mapping opens up possibilities for animation or a conversion into a faithful 3D level or 3D scene."

Appell adds that if LucasArts has a Maya/Photoshop workflow, the studio should have no trouble applying this technique to a possible Monkey Island 2 remake.

[Via @IdleThumbs]