When I last featured Neil Baldwin here, the Eurocom founder and director mentioned that he had an unreleased and unannounced NES title based on an undisclosed property from Terry Jones.

Baldwin has since revealed that the game was a Zelda-style RPG with a Norse mythology twist, based on the Monty Python alumni's book and film Erik the Viking. Even more odd than the choice of license is the fact that a Japanese publisher, now-defunct Video Systems (Aero Fighters), hoped to publish the title.

Unfortunately, the Eurocom director says the only copy of the game he has now is a "show-reel ROM", but says that the studio nearly completed the game, despite the testing and bug-finding problems that emerged due to geographical and language differences.

"We were almost solely reliant on the publisher finding bugs/issues simply because there was only 4 of us trying to deliver this fairly large and complicated game and as we didn't speak Japanese and they didn't speak much English, it made for an interesting process.

Even I had to get involved in map building and putting together trigger/behaviour scripts for the game's events as well as writing all the music. It was all good fun though and the last version of the game that we submitted to the publisher was in great shape and actually good fun to play!"

Those complications didn't disappear, though, and eventually led to a breakdown in Eurocom's relationship with the publisher, dooming the game's chances of release. Baldwin notes that neither companies did anything wrong, and that both sides were enthusiastic about the title throughout the project.

"I don't know if Terry Jones even got to see the game, which quite is an odd arrangement (English game developer making a game of an English writer's book via a Japanese publisher...)," he adds. "Somewhere in the world, I'm sure it must still exist on a NES dev-cart, but apart from that it's 'gone the way of the dodo'."

Though he isn't able to share Erik the Viking's ROM, Baldwin has made 13 of the game's songs, which he composed, available to stream and download for free. They're quite good (especially "Peace In The Harbor"), and they include short explanations for each track!

He also recently posted details and MP3s for another unreleased NES game, Hero Quest, which was based on the Milton Bradley and Games Workshop board game. The soundtrack is aces.

[Via Frank Cifaldi]