An interesting item popped up on online auction community Chase the Chuckwagon -- a PS3 prototype/beta/review disc for Capcom's Mega Man 9, previously only available as a digital download through PSN, WiiWare, and XBLA.

The seller admits that the disc's existence is odd: "The only explanation I could devise for this is that perhaps the developers needed a way to get the game from one computer/debug station to another, so they just simply burnt a disc (since blank DVDs are cheaper than comparable-capacity flash drives) and took it along with them."

This rarity doesn't come cheap or easy, as the auction's reserve price is in the "entry-level triple digits", and you'll also need a debug system to even play the game.

I hope whoever wins the items makes a mock-up PS3 game box similar with the same Mega Man 9 packaging art that Capcom used for its limited edition NES-style box.

[Via Gamesniped]