Dragon's Lair always seemed much better seen and not played (in my opinion), which is one of the benefits of this poster from illustrator Tom Whalen -- no need to sit through dozens of death scenes, and you get to keep your quarters. Also, the art, while distinct from Don Bluth's original animations, is marvelous.

"I had a chance to work out the sketches for this piece on my trip to LA last week," says Whalen, "and i think the finished piece has retained some of that sun drenched 80's West Coast vibe." Another awesome touch: the text in the bottom left corner fashioned into a sword.

This is one of several dozen works that will appear at The Autumn Society's "8-bit & Beyond" show opening at Philadelphia's Brave New Worlds comic shop on August 7th. I've included two more pieces from the video game art show below:

"We're Gonna Need A Bigger Rucksack" by Kim Herbst

"Mario The Plumber" by Pat Kinsella