Comic-Con Time With the Raroos[GameSetWatch has sent GameSetWatch columnist Mister Raroo and his family to San Diego Comic-Con to report on their adventures there. We've been running daily updates from the Raroos as the convention progressed, and after the first, second, third, and fourth parts, the fifth and final segment is about Sunday.]

Sunday, July 26: Crossing the Finish Line

There can definitely be too much of a good thing, and Comic-Con is a prime example of that. After spending more of our waking hours at the San Diego Convention Center this past week than anywhere else, we are more than ready to bid it farewell until next year. Even though we really enjoy attending Comic-Con, it never fails that by the last day we are looking forward to its finish.

Sunday is always Kids Day at Comic-Con, and we got in the spirit by bringing along our 10-year-old nephew, Mario. Even though we were feeling completely wiped out, it was nice to spend the day with someone who was anxious about seeing what Comic-Con had to offer. Mario was definitely looking forward to whatever adventures awaited us at the convention.

When we first walked onto the main floor, we were right by the Bakugan booth, and Mario made a beeline for one of the demo station of the Wii game. There was already another boy playing a two-player session against himself, but he soon handed Mario the second controller and they fumbled their way through the rest of the battle. The Wii game was nothing memorable, but it was fun that at the booth you could pose for a Bakugan-themed snapshot and get a free photo printed out for each person in your group. Nice!

Next up was the Pokémon booth, where kids were given a cute Pokéball beach ball. Mario sat down at one of the many tables to get an introductory lesson on how to play the Pokémon card game. As the tutorial went on, it was clear Mario was starting to get bored, and by the time he was done playing a round with the instructor he was ready for something else. Perhaps learning to play the Pokémon card game was a little too much like being in school!

We headed upstairs to watch some Nickelodeon cartoon episodes that were being shown. Watching SpongeBob SquarePants with a ballroom full of kids and parents singing along to the opening theme song was quite a jolly experience! About two thirds of the way through the shows Kaz informed me he had “poops” and I had to head over to the restroom to change him. Thankfully, he calls any type of dirty diaper “poops,” and it turned out to be just a wet diaper Unfortunately, it had leaked through his pants so a change of clothes was in order.

SpongeBob SquarePants!

Mario had a $20 bill burning a hole in his pocket, so after the Nickelodeon screenings were over, we headed back down to the main floor so he could do a little shopping. We followed Mario’s lead, but he literally took us in circles, so we finally asked him what exactly he was looking for and helped to guide him in the right direction. After a great deal of examining the wares at the various toy booths, Mario settled upon buying a plush Kirby doll and a Transformers poster.

Mario was interested in seeing some of the video game companies’ booths, but before we trekked across the Convention Center, we took a moment to visit our friends at the Toshwerks booth. It was there that Chris Remo and I designated as our meeting place, and we got together for a bit to say hello and have a nice chat. I think it’s safe to say Chris was just as tired out as we were!

After parting ways with Chris, we dove back into the crowd and finally wound up near the video game booths. Mario is at the age where he is beginning to lose interest in kid-friendly games and instead is drawn toward more violent and mature fare, much to our disappointment. The days of playing Mario Kart and Mario Party with our nephew may soon be over, it seems.

Entranced by ViolenceOf all the games on display, Mario managed to find a booth for a surround sound headphone company that was using Call of Duty 4 as its example. Mario put on a pair of headphones, picked up an Xbox 360 controller, and was soon throwing grenades and sniping enemies with frightening tenacity. Mario has had plenty of practice with the game at his cousin’s house, which made him quite a force to be feared on the battlefield.

Truth be told, it was creeping me out that he was so entranced by the carnage, and I repeatedly tried to persuade him to go look at something else, which he had absolutely no interest in doing. Thankfully, after a while another kid wanted to play the game, so Mario had to reluctantly give up the controller. I asked him if he wanted to go look at anything else, but being disappointed that his Call of Duty 4 campaign had ended prematurely, he told me he just wanted to go home.

Because we were so tired, we didn’t give Mario any opportunity to change his mind and quickly made our way for the exit. But even though we were feeling worn-out, there was a tiny bit of an extra spring in our steps as we walked to our car, happy to know that Comic-Con was finally over for this year. Surviving San Diego Comic-Con can be punishing, and we were ready to get home and take a load off our miserable feet.

It’s always a little difficult to transition back to life as usual after a vacation, but in the case of an event as strenuous as Comic-Con, returning to our normal routines is actually welcomed. We love San Diego Comic-Con, but we’re glad it only comes once a year. We’ve had more than our fill of Comic-Con for this year, but I have a feeling that when next Summer rolls around, we’ll be hungry for the experience once again.

[Mister Raroo is a happy husband, proud father, full-time public library employee, and active gamer. He currently lives in El Cajon, CA with his family and many pets. In addition to writing for GameSetWatch, Mister Raroo irregularly writes content for his blog, Moments. You may reach Mister Raroo at [email protected].]