In Broken Garden, you can play as Adam or five fallen figures from the Christian Bible (Cain, Judas, Satan, etc.), taking down angels and archangel stage bosses. The goal? "Fight through the armies of heaven to return to the Garden of Eden".

Each of the characters in this Flash-based shoot'em up have different shot properties and secondary special weapons (charged by not firing), but you can also gather EXP from defeated enemies and purchase upgrades such as extra lives, more rapid firing rates, more powerful shots, and others. It's really fun! Plus, you get a relevant scripture segment at the start of each stage.

This is game four in cartoonist and former Gamelab producer K. Thor Jensen's personal challenge to develop twelve titles this year. You can play the past three -- Acrophilia, Tidal, and Climate -- on his site. And if you donate five bucks to the project/challenge, you'll receive access to a planned special thirteenth game.

[Via TIGF]