Everyone loves a good comeback film, so you might enjoy this "rough" trailer for Bang Back: The Pinball Movie even if you've no interest in competitive pinball play.

There's very little information (e.g. director, anticipated screenings) about the documentary outside of this clip, so all that's essentially known so far is it follows pinball personality Rick Stetta's (1992 Professional and Amateur Pinball Association tournament winner) return to the competitive pinball scene.

The film's title, Bang Back, refers to a really slick pinball technique (shown below) in which you can knock a ball dropping down an outlane back into play.

Free State Pinball Association's co-founder and vice president Dave Stewart described the trick back in 1993:

"If the ball is heading down the right outlane, hold up the right flipper. When the ball is below the flipper, hit the metal lockdown bar quickly, hard, slightly upward, and sligtly to the left, immediately below where the ball is. The ball which was travelling towards the drain will change directions from the hit, and travel diagonally upwards instead, towards the playfield above the left flipper.

Once the ball is above the left flipper, you flip, and the ball is back in play. Since you want to hit towards the left, it is often easier (at least for me) to cross your hands: hold the right flipper with your left hand, and hit the bar with your right hand. ...

The trick to the bang back is not to hit as hard as you can. The timing, direction of the hit, and force acceleration are the most important. You must hit the ball at just the right time. You must make sure you hit up and to the left. And you want to hit the machine 'quickly', not 'hard', so that the force is 'instantaneous' instead of being spread out over a quarter second or so."

Judging by some of the newsgroup postings I've read about the trick, Stetta and others taught it to interested players over 15 years ago, who in turn passed on their knowledge with instructions posted online.

To be honest, I'm not too familiar with Stetta myself, but it's very entertaining to watch his movements while playing. Others agree apparently and have posted videos remixing his pinball gyrations. Very silly stuff!

[Via The Pinball Blog]