Zizzle, who you might remember was featured here several years ago for its consumer-targeted 3/4-scale pinball tables, is working on a new home pinball machine, this time with a classic Atari theme.

"This game is built by a talented small group of developers, artists and engineers, which I am a team member [of], like the old Williams days!" says former Williams pinball designer John Popadiuk, now at Zizzle. "Hence the cool art package (all completed at Zizzle Chicago office)... We do think it looks amazing on the cusp of the 30th anniversary of Atari Superman from April of 1979."

Unfortunately, as Armchair Arcade's Bill Loguidice notes, the new machine seems to have the same board layout as Zizzle's previous pinball machines. Popadiuk says the playfield will be the same as "previous G2 models", but the toy is a "cool-looking metallic asteroid".

The Zizzle designer also notes that the company is working with Atari on handheld LCD games, with Pong, Super Breakout, Missile Command, Asteroids, Crystal Castle, Centipede and Battlezone planned for 2010.

[Via The Pinball Blog]