Fans have clamored for a follow-up to Shantae ever since WayForward released the cult-hit platformer for Game Boy Color in 2002, and though the studio revealed at GDC 2008 that it was experimenting with a 2D WiiWare title featuring the female genie, it has made no formal announcement for the game since. As it turns out, WayForward has dropped Shantae to a variety of platforms:

"... maybe we'll get in trouble for saying this, but we even have Shantae running on an iPhone," says president Voldi Way, according to a report from video game weblog Joystiq. "It will probably never see the light of day, so you don't have to say it's coming out for iPhone, because it probably won't. We've experimented with Shantae tech on everything. She will reemerge one day. I don't know when or even what platform, but she will come back. The reason I can guarantee that now is because of downloads. "

He continues, "We tried so hard to sell Shantae on GBA, and no one, not even Capcom, who published the original, would touch it. And it was great! Well, I'm biased, but I thought it was great. Shantae DS, similar things. I don't know if she'll emerge on the DS, or DSi download, or Wii, or PSN, XBLA -- we have Shantae running on a PS3, for god's sake. If you ever come to our office, I'll be happy to show you Shantae running on a PS3 -- in full 1080p glory."

Voldi adds that WayForward always has some kind of Shantae project in the backburner, and that it has a DS version that has a "good chance" of releasing as a DSi download. This seems even more plausible when considering that the company just self-published Mighty Flip Champs for DSi last week.