8Static, Philadelphia's monthly chiptunes/8-bit video event returns to Studio 34 this Saturday, this time featuring performances by Italian micromusic artist Tonylight and chiptune rapper (don't think I've ever heard one of these before!) A_Rival, with sets by Cheap Dinosaur and Chromix as well. Alex "enso" Bond, advertised as "Philadelphia's finest pixel pusher", will also make an appearance.

Don't just plan to go for the music and visuals, though -- Don "No Carrier" Miller will also present a "Soft Circuit-Bending on the NES" workshop similar to his presentation at New York City's 2009 Bent Festival, but with some new information on his latest project, GalleryNES.

As its name suggests, GalleryNES is "an open source picture gallery for the Nintendo Entertainment System." With the program, you can create your own pixel art and view it in an emulator or on a real NES (provided you have an NES flashcart) in slideshow format!