UfragTV began streaming the "short cut" of I Got Next, an engaging documentary on the Street Fighter competition scene (no relation to the KRS-One album), over the weekend, with director Ian Cofino planning to release a longer version this Winter.

The feature length film follows three of the U.S.'s top Street Fighter players -- Justin "Marvelous" Wong (best known for this 3rd Strike clip against Daigo Umehara), Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez, and Joe "ILOVEU" Ciaremelli -- through several tournaments, mixing footage of Street Fighter IV matches with interviews conducted with the scene's notables.

I Got Next provides deeper insight to Wong/Gutierrez/Ciaramelli's motivations beyond just playing to be the best -- the three stars educate viewers on Street Fighter's East and West Cost rivalry, the challenges of playing games professionally for a living, the importance of being involved in the scene if you want to play competitively, and more. Not bad for a free movie!