P.S. Triple is a lot like the Japanese version of Tyler Rhodes' webcomic Castle Vidcons, except instead of video game consoles anthropomorphised as rival aristocrats in a medieval setting, they're represented as adorable pop idols:

"In the year of 200X, a super idol named Triple made her debut. It was her destiny to take the world by storm and continue her family's legacy. But it wasn't meant to be, and now she's struggling to make a name for herself while her agency tries to stay afloat...

P.S. Triple takes popular (and not-so-popular) game consoles and transforms them into pop stars -- they sing and act in productions that are based on real-life video games. Follow the exploits of Triple, her rivals Whee! and X-Locks, and some other players like Saygah, NESsie, and even 32-EX."

Developer Mission One is localizing the four-panel comic and has released Volume 1, which collects 40 monochrome comics and 10 color strips, on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. There is also a Lite version of Volume 1, and Volume 2 is slated to come out on July 9th.

You can read several sample strips, information on the comic's idols/consoles, and also some of the changes Mission One made to make P.S. Triple's jokes relatable to Western audiences on the official P.S. Triple blog.

[Via Canned Dogs]