With the PS3 using its PlayStation Eye accessory for The Eye of Judgment and upcoming virtual pet title EyePet -- and the low-powered DSi soon using its camera to capture spirits with GhostWire -- it's no surprise that Sony has an augmented reality game planned for the PSP in the form of Invizimals.

This kid-targeted title uses the PSP Camera/Go!Cam (still unavailable in the U.S.) to find hidden monsters around their homes, which they can capture with real-life trap pieces, then trade or battle them against each other locally or online.

The ability to cast spells like earthquakes by shaking the system, or lightning strikes from shadows players cast is particularly cool. It even has a very DS-like feature in which players blow into the system mic to create a snowstorm. You can see more of Invizimals on Eurogamer's image gallery