As you might have heard, newly joined studios Tecmo and Koei are celebrating their merger with titles combining their respective properties, appealing to multiple fanbases with each crossover game.

While the easy assumption is that the two will mix their most popular franchises, Tecmo's Dead or Alive fighting games with Koei's hack and slash series Dynasty Warriors, I believe there's room for more creative combinations.

Here are just several examples that I've come up with from the possible dozen scenarios (Tecmo titles on the left, Koei games on the right):

Monster Rancher and G1 Jockey -- Generate and breed unique monsters by swapping out the disc with CDs, DVDs, or other game discs, train them, and then advance your career as a jockey by racing them against other monsters in this simulator.

Fatal Frame and Uncharted Waters -- Take a break from sailing the high seas, privateering, and trading goods to explore ghost ships and purify zombie pirates. The use of a camera in this 16th century title is an anachronism, but I'm sure that can be written around (Leonardo da Vinci's lost camera obscura?!).

Super Swing Golf and Dynasty Warriors -- Thousands of enemy soldiers and several army captains block your path to the green. Choose from dozens of figures from China's Three Kingdoms era and obliterate the grunts with golf clubs, while making your way to your next swing. Take care not to hit your ball into the bunkers, lest you incur the attention of LĂĽ Bu.

Undead Knights and Gemfire -- The former hasn't even released for PSP yet, but I'd love to control an undead army in one of my favorite 16-bit strategy titles, Gemfire. I imagine that the game would take place in Ishmeria, with player managing their clan's territory and recruiting soldiers, but the turn-based battles would be replaced with real-time command over zombies.

Dead or Alive and Nobunaga's Ambition -- My only reasoning behind this incompatible match-up would be the resulting immature but amusing title, Nobunagazongas’ Ambition (credit to Drohne).

Ninja Gaiden and Inindo: Way of the Ninja -- Many forget that Koei had its own ninja game, Inindo: Way of the Ninja, an RPG for the SNES. Perhaps a team-up between Inindo and an ancestor of Ryu Hayabusa would help gamers remember Koei's hero?

Rygar and Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation -- I'm not sure what Pop Cutie! could add to Rygar, but after Rygar: The Battle of Argus, I'm sure any change to the series would be welcome, even a side game in which you design and sell clothes.

I'd happily play all of these combinations, though I'm sure my video game tastes are very different than most others'...