Created in one month as part of a production for Denmark's National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment (DADIU), Play is "an exploratory erotic game" targeting adult women and using a phone's accelerometer for its controls.

Players have to move and tilt their phone along with the game's music in order to progress. Of course, Play also seems to use the handset's vibration function in some manner. The DADIU team that developed the title, "Group 6" explains the game's concept:

"Enjoy the art of sex by being in control. Feel your way around the man. Choose to perform moves on him and have him perform exotic moves on you. Inspire him. Tease him. Make him want more of you to get the most out of the session. Be in sync with one another by finding the right rhythm to complement each other."

You can watch a NSFW video of someone playing the title below. You can also read more about Play and download a demo (Nokia N95 required) here.