Since the late 1960s, Topps' Wacky Packages stickers and trading cards have provided kids and collectors with the grossest and most immature parodies of consumer products around. The company continued that tradition in 1999, when it commissioned artist Jay Lynch to sketch ides for spoofs of popular video games and computer software.

Though the "Wacky Hackers" set was never actually produced, several of the drafts were scanned and posted online. Lynch says that there are still several more that haven't been posted, like his parody of the So You Want to be a Millionaire video game, titled So You Want To See My Underwear.

You can see a couple of my favorites below, but the full set of "Wacky Hackers" sketches that've been found so far is also archived at Lost Wackys, which also includes titles like Puke-Man and Monkey Dung.