Download-only console Zeebo launched in Brazil late last month along with over a dozen games, most of which are mobile ports (e.g. Crash Nitro Kart, FIFA 09, Prey) but also some new titles. One of the more interesting original releases is Double Dragon, which I believe is the first new console game in the beat'em-up series since Double Dragon Advance in 2003.

I'm not sure if Million Inc. -- the descendant of Double Dragon and River City Ransom developer Technos, and presumably the current Double Dragon license holder -- had any involvement in the game's creation, but the company's name shows up on the title screen, as does mobile developer Brizo Interactive's.

The plot is typical Double Dragon fare: Billy Lee's girlfriend, Marian, is kidnapped by Machine Gun Willy's gang, so he enlists his brother Jimmy to help rescue her. The two can punch, kick, and use items like baseball bats and knives against enemies. You can see screenshots of the game at Zeebo's Portugese site.

[Via Mr G]