Developed over the course of two years by Andreas Illiger, Microsia is an Electroplankton-esque sound game/tool in which you "dive into a plant cell to explore the sound of the microcosm". There you'll find an assortment of phosphorescent cell particles against blurred earth-tone backgrounds that can be manipulated various ways for different music and visual effects.

You can download a PC demo for Microsia, or purchase full commercial and non-commercial versions of the game at its official site. Illiger also advertises that he's available to act as a DJ/VJ for live events with the daydream-like molecular tunes application: "Microsia is especially suited to create audio-visual experiences at quieter spaces on [parties], e.g chill-out areas. In addition to the live-generated music, there are live-generated visuals which can be projected greatly."