I've been looking for an excuse to post about Let's Tap for weeks, just because its tapping gimmick is the strangest control scheme this side of the Wii Vitality sensor, and I've finally found that excuse!

Giant Bomb published a video in which the crew unpacks the minigame collection's Best Buy-specific U.S. 'special' edition, which unfortunately doesn't include the large box that came with Japanese copies and doubled as a tapping surface.

Instead, the regular U.S. version of Let's Tap has no box at all, and, as the video reveals, even the Best Buy limited edition has sullied boxart and a flimsy 'thick paper'-style tap pad. Similar to Famitsu's humorous article last year comparing how different containers performed as tapping surfaces with the game, Giant Bomb had its own box-off, bringing in increasingly ridiculous boxes.

Sega of America had its own event, testing Let's Tap with an Xbox 360, a box for the Sega Pico, an oversized mockup of Nintendo Power's NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams cover, a Master System, and more:

As I recall, sales for Let's Tap in Japan were dismal (5400 copies in its first week on shelves), which is especially unfortunate considering this was the first game out of Prope, the new studio founded last year by legendary Sega designer Yuji Naka. Hopefully, the synchronous release of Let's Catch to WiiWare this week will help Let's Tap fare better in the States.