Despite four tries and $10,0001 worth of quarters on the line, Steve Wiebe's attempt to snatch the Donkey Kong high score world record from Billy Mitchell at the E3 Expo was unsuccessful. During one of his runs, the King of Kong star had his game cut short when the sanctioned arcade machine lost its power. Wiebe joked, "Is Billy Mitchell around here?" before starting over several minutes later.

In his fourth and final go, he reached 989,400 points (Mitchell's high score is 1,050,200) as the machine interrupted with a "kill screen" glitch, ending his attempt with a stage timer set too low for any player to complete the level in time. Some are claiming that this is the first kill screen to ever broadcast on live television, thanks to G4TV.

I didn't watch the entire event that was streamed yesterday, but I heard that on a couple occasions, he jumped over three barrels at once in the game. I have trouble successfully jumping over just one!