Sidhe Interactive's Shatter, one of my most anticipated downloadable games, unfortunately didn't receive much in-depth coverage at E3. I was worried that no one brought back any extended video for the PS3-exclusive -- the studio hasn't released any new in-game footage since the short but very promising trailer (below) unveiled back in March -- but NeoGAF's DJmizhura thankfully posted eight minutes of off-screen video from the developer's E3 booth.

At a glance, Shatter may seem like a Breakout clone with horizontal segments, but it's designed to rebuild the genre "from the ground up", much more so than Arkedo's recent attempt to do the same on the DS with Nervous Brickdown.

Players have more interaction with and control over Shatter's balls than just bouncing them off the paddle; they can pull and push the ball while it's bouncing on the field by hitting their controller's shoulder buttons. Apparently, players can clear an entire stage without ever touching the ball!

The game include shoot'em up elements, too -- players can collect power-ups, fight bosses, slow down time, execute special attacks, or even just shoot at bricks if they're feeling impatient. Another cool feature designed to add more excitement and speed to the break-a-brick formula is the ability for players to summon more balls if they feel like they can handle the added challenge.

Expected to release sometime this year, Shatter will feature ten different worlds with 90 horizontal, vertical, and even circular stages each (including the boss and bonus levels). The PSN game will also come with a fully scored soundtrack with over 90 minutes of original music.

For those of you who'd rather see Sidhe developing games more like its previous titles -- PSP/PSN/XBLA puzzle-platforming/racing game GripShift and the surprisingly fun Speed Racer tie-in for Wii (read Sidhe's informative article on playtesting the game at Gamasutra) -- fear not; the New Zealand-based company is working on another non-traditional racing game.

Based on an animated television series debuting on Cartoon Network this August, Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 for Wii and DS will have players racing and fighting aliens from another dimensions, entering a "car battle mode" where their vehicles "transform and unleash their battle mode weaponry". Sounds a lot like another property that has a film coming out this summer...

Normally, I wouldn't be interested in anything like this, but with Sidhe behind the wheel (hur hur), I'm definitely interested! Activision will publish Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 this fall.