Chiptune collective 8bitpeoples just put out two new chiptune EPs, both downloadable for free and space-themed! The first album, "Future, and It Doesn't Work", comes from New York City-based band Starscream, and is accompanied with some wicked cover art (pictured) and a terrific premise:

"In the not so distant future awaits the election of the first third party candidate to the White House- they will hail from the Space Party, a political coalition founded by astrophysicists, former Democrats and ex-NASA employees. In their 8bitpeoples debut EP, 'Future, and It Doesn't Work', Starscream tell a tale of victory, science, and potentially catastrophic foreign policy."

From across the country, Corpus Christ's IAYD supplies the other micromusic album, "Supergalactic", promising dance tracks and enlightenment:

"IAYD makes his 8bitpeoples debut with 'Supergalactic', an invitation to get punched in the face by light-speed melodies and sound barrier-breaching beats. Embark on a journey through the cosmos with six, powerful masterworks crafted from the dregs of shattered asteroids and the rusted husks of space vessels. Pushing forward and brimming with profound sonic vivacity, 'Supergalactic' leaves you with a greater understanding of the Universe."

You should note that these two are 8bitpeoples' 98th and 99th releases; I wonder what the label will put out for its 100th?