The Nomad, Sega's 1995 handheld that enabled gamers to play Genesis/Mega Drive carts on the go, is making a return in the form of Innex's officially licensed Retro Gen. You might recognize Innex as the exclusive U.S. distributor of the recently popularized 3-in-1 Virtual Retro Adaptor for Wii.

Unlike the original Nomad, the Retro Gen includes a build-int rechargable battery via USB and a TV out function [Update: As JP notes in the comments, the original Nomad had TV out as well]. You can also play licensed games that have been downloaded and saved to an SD card using a special development cart, which is also compatible with the company's Sega Genesis clone, Firebox.

One drawback of Innex's portable, though, is that it doesn't allow a second player to plug in a controller, a feature that Sega Nomad owners enjoyed.

Innex showed the Firebox and Retro Gen off at E3, but the only coverage I've seen of them from the event has been online retailer Videogame Central's interview/advertisement with the distributor's vice president Joey Ngoy. Videogame Central is also offering preorders for the products on its site. The Retro Gen is scheduled to ship on July 25th.