Finishing up the last seven days, it's time to recap the top full-length features of the past week on Gamasutra, plus extra features from sister edu site GameCareerGuide and a lot of smart bonus news interviews from Gamasutra.

Those bonuses are behind the cut, but in the main Gamasutra feature area this week, we have interviews with the APB lead designer and Peter Moore, plus some neat technical articles, a discussion among analysts about what was under-rated at this year's E3 Expo, an in-depth academikwak piece on narrative design, and rather more besides.

Harmonicas are nice:

Gamasutra Features

Leading The Design of APB
"Realtime Worlds' EJ Moreland talks in-depth to Gamasutra on designing All Points Bulletin's complex world, from customization to multiplayer combat to its larger vision."

Dramatic Play
"In a wide-ranging article, former Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts narrative designer Stephen Dinehart looks at the future of game story by examining narrative theory through the ages."

Managing Data Relationships
"How does your game data relate to each other? In this practical technical article, game development veteran Noel Llopis looks at how coders should structure and retrieve the intertwined world of game data in memory."

Planning For Fun In Game Programming - Part 2
"How do you legislate for fun from a game planning and programming perspective? Following on from his analysis of the problem, veteran game coder Tom Hammersley proposes a solution that includes 'apprenticing', use cases, storyboards, and more."

Analyze This: What Went Under-Reported at This Year's E3?
"What did the video game analysts think of this year's E3? Gamasutra quizzes notables from Cowen and Company, Lazard Capital and Wedbush Morgan on the event's importance, key announcements, under-noticed gems, and more."

Peter Moore on the Strategy of Sports
"Sega and Microsoft veteran Peter Moore now heads up Electronic Arts' EA Sports division, and talks in-depth to Gamasutra about the expansion into more casual titles, the status of the label's perennials, and lots more."

GCG Features, Gamasutra Original News

Interview: How Bethesda's Fallout 3 Helped Seal id's Sale
"id Software programming maverick John Carmack explains how Fallout 3's success was proof enough that Bethesda could "change the world" with Doom 4. Gamasutra interviews Carmack and Bethesda's Pete Hines."

GCG: How To Pick Indie Game Collaborators
"Educational site GameCareerGuide has published a new feature that gives 11 guidelines that might help you pick your comrades when making an independent game project."

GameHorizon: Making Splash Damage Into A Triple-A Studio
"At the UK's GameHorizon conference, Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood (Quake Wars, Brink) explained how a ragtag gang of modders became one of the UK's strongest indies -- and why staff is your most important asset."

Interview: Muzyka On EA's New BioWare/Mythic RPG Team-Up
"Following the announcement of EA's new RPG/MMO Group pairing BioWare and Mythic, general manager Ray Muzyka tells Gamasutra about the motivation, studio culture, old EA versus new, and his thoughts on Bethesda's id acquisition."

Sony's Edward Talks PlayStation Home As It Hits 7 Million Users
"Sony Europe director of Home Peter Edward talked about the virtual world service as a "lobby" for all PS3 games at the UK's GameHorizon event, as he shared DLC stats on what the service's 7 million users are up to in-world."

Interview: T3's Redbana Launches Western Dev, Publishing Office, Talks Rescuing Audition
"T3 subsidiary Redbana has officially entered the North American game scene, and talks to Gamasutra on taking PC online dance game Audition back from Nexon -- plus future hints on Flagship's Mythos."