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A quick GameSetLinks update for the starry-eyed weekend, and this one starts out with Crispy Gamer catching up with 'the unlikeliest E3 journalists', which I find vaguely amusing title-wise because everyone writes about E3 nowadays, professional journo or not. (But the piece stands as well-researched & interesting.)

Also in here - a v.fun Tim Schafer interview (Brutal Legend pictured!), making money via Flash games, Paul Schrader on the future of storytelling, IFC's 360-degree deals for indie movies (just for some game comparison thoughts!), and plenty more.

Rocking out:

Press Pass: The Unlikeliest E3 Journalists > Kyle Orland > 6/19/2009 10:56 AM | Crispy Gamer
Talking to the winners of 'cover things for us at E3' competitions - neat idea.

GamesIndustry.biz: Legendary Status // Interview
Supernice, informal interview by former Gama editor and GameTap stalwart Frank Cifaldi.

Game Jacket RIP - Indiegamer Developer Discussion Boards
Some very useful discussion on the viability of making money via free Flash games in this thread.

Have videogames and reality TV given us 'narrative exhaustion', asks legendary screenwriter Paul Schrader | Film | The Guardian
Taxi Driver writer specifically calls out video games as a future path, noting: 'I don't know what the future of audio-visual entertainment will be, but I don't think it will be what we used to call movies.'

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily » New Alphabet For Indie Fans: IFC-HD-VOD
Interesting discussion about how IFC is picking up complete indie film rights for upfront costs, share of back end - and whether those indies will ever make their money back/whether there's a better way. V. relevant to games.

TIGSource: 'Looking Back on Muslim Massacre'
Sigvatr examines what happened with his deliberately inflammatory indie game and tries to justify why he made it. Up to you whether you think he succeeds or not.