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Back once again, it appears, and of course, this round-up comes on a momentous day - the one where big sister site Gamasutra did something nobody was expecting and set up a Twitter feed. (Sarcasm aside, we're only posting the biggest stuff there, and you can see our staffers' Twitters listed in Gamasutra's friends, if you're nosy.)

Oh yes, and these links are here, too - including an interesting tidbit about (the pictured) Jason Rohrer signing with some kind of creative agency, plus discussions on 'outsider vs. insider' in games, Clint Hocking's musings, Tokyo pedestrians crossings and The World Ends With You, The Sims 3's RTS challenge, and more.

The heart truth:

Daniel Primed:: Gaming Analysis, Critique and Culture » The Torturous Taste of a Magnificent Neo-Retro Light Show (Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved)
'The combination of a uniquely apt aesthetic mixed with gameplay that constantly provides huge hits of flavour, forms Geometry Wars‘ provocative selling point.'

Rush Boom Turtle: Tom Chick's Sims 3 RTS Challenge > Tom Chick | Crispy Gamer
'The real reason this year's E3 was a terrible place for real-time strategy gamers is because it meant we couldn't be home playing the latest real-time strategy game, which was released just as E3 got underway. I'm talking, of course, about The Sims 3.'

Art Game Star Jason Rohrer Joins Ad Collective | GameCulture
I read this more as they are repping Rohrer, much as music video directors are repped, but either way, it's pretty interesting.

Click Nothing: Ethical Decision Making
Ubisoft's Clint Hocking on Manveer Heir's recent 'designing ethical dilemmas' discussion.

Charge Shot!!!: Outside vs. Inside and Issues of Protagonist Progression
'This Outsider vs. Insider question has implications larger than BioShock. It gets right to the heart of interactive storytelling.'

1UP's RPG Blog : The Monthly Grind: At Home On The Scramble Crossing
A nice, evocative piece about Tokyo and The World Ends With You.