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Thought we'd pick up the pace as we go into the pre-July 4th week, so this is the first of five GameSetLinks, each with special links from the world of video game writing - starting with Game Developer magazine humor columnist Matthew Wasteland's blog seeing what a video game preview of a Shakespeare play might end up like.

Also in this round-up - Manifesto Games closing down, the Dogface Show explored, fifteen awesome alt.iPhone games via Offworld, Assembly indie game lectures, sci-fi book store goodness, and more.

OK to play:

Elsinore Baby! New Hamlet Preview! (Magical Wasteland)
'Call him the Bard of Avon or England’s national poet or ShakeyP, there’s no doubt that William Shakespeare is one of the top contributors in the business today.' Oh Mr. Wasteland!

The Dogface Show - NeoGAF
'The Dogface Show is a unique pop culture show, that focuses on the Street Fighter community - the players, the scene, the lifestyle, and everything else that's made SRK what it is.' This GAF thread has the latest episodes on one handy place.

Play This Thing! | Shuttering Manifesto
Sorry to see Manifesto Games didn't work out for Greg Costikyan and cohorts - I do think its heart was in the right place, and its fierce championing of offbeat titles (to continue on PlayThisThing) is greatly appreciated.

The 15 Games You Need For Your New iPhone (pg. 01) | Offworld
Awesome list from Mr. Boyer at Offworld, a blog you should definitely be reading if you like GSW (or vice versa, hopefully!)

Bloggasm » Is Tor Books seeking to become the Amazon of science fiction and fantasy?
Interesting because it's a Steam-like move in the sci-fi/fantasy book space - comparisons with games are apt.

Sessions — Assembly 2009
The oldskool demoparty, nowadays more of a LAN party/demo thing, has neat indie game talks from Svedang, Eskil @ Love, Petri Purho - Scandinavians go!