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The end of the weekend starts here, and we're back to hand-picked links of the best interesting writing about video games online. Anywhere. Ish. Starting with a nice Bygone Bureau overview of independent games from a sorta wider cultural angle.

Other notables include the creation of Magic Carpet, working out game designers via D&D classes, some Conan O'Brien analysis silliness, and rather more items besides.

Eight twenty five:

Getting Over “Game Over”: How Indie Developers Are Making Games Into Art — The Bygone Bureau
Really nice piece on 'a movement of independent “art games” that defy what we expect from videogames' - Gravity Bone, The Graveyard, You Have To Burn The Rope creators quizzed.

ThenGamer: The Making Of Magic Carpet | NowGamer
'Like many of Bullfrog’s early releases, none of the game received any planned design.'

Moogle.net » Blog Archive » Designer: Which Class are You?
D&D + game designer = useful classifications!

Mike Darga's Game Design Blog: Learn Your Lesson and Let it Go
'Making games is really just a very elaborate metagame itself, so it's no great stretch that we should ask ourselves to learn from our mistakes.'

Patent Arcade: Conan the Mushroom King
Cute theoretical discussion of a Conan O'Brien lawsuit over his not actually that Mario-similar Tonight Show backdrop. Still...

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / They are not welcome: IGN and District 9’s sexist contest
Oh dear. (This competition is mainly film-related, but on IGN, which is known for game-related stuff.) They've since updated the competition rules.