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Zooming into the week with a new set of GameSetLinks, we start out with the continuing high quality of Racketboy's retro posts -- with this one focusing on the Vectrex, always a quirky favorite amongst particularly retro game geeks.

However, there's plenty of other stuff in here - particularly a new middleware survey that you game developers should fill out, indie gaming round-up fun, Nintendo's Japanese ‘Wii-no-Ma’ service and why it makes sense over there, and plenty more.

To the cradle:

Vectrex 101: A Beginners Guide - racketboy.com
'Released in the United States in November of 1982, the Vectrex would only last for two short years, and even less time in foreign markets. But in that time, the machine would develop a cult following that has helped spawn one of the most creative homebrew communities for any console.'

Crunchgear: 'Interview: Rob Burkinshaw, game designer and creator of homeless Sims'
An interview with the maker of 'Alice and Kev, homeless Sims that exist entirely in the world of Sims 3.'

Indie Gaming Gallery #2 - The Quixotic Engineer
You may have seen these games before, but some nice writing about them and why they matter.

Satori » Middleware Library Survey
If you're a pro developer, fill out Mark DeLoura's survey, results will be printed on Gamasutra (and some other places!) for free in the near future, I believe.

Zen of Design»Blog Archive » Shared Experiences vs. Algorithmic Content
'The designer can create the most wonderful anthill in the world, but if the player can’t see the whole picture, he has no idea how wonderful your Amazing Machine is - he’s only encountering the system from the ground level, and what he’s seeing is a world that feels chaotic and unpredictable - often undesirably so.'

The Daily Click: KlikCast - Episode #14
Includes a brief phone interview with me about the IGF, indie games, yay.

TV 3.0 - Nintendo’s ‘Wii-no-Ma’ and new ways of advertising « CyberMedia Blog
Great explanation of a slightly mysterious Japanese Wii service. (Via CScout.)