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A rare weekend-specific GameSetLinks here, just because this is the final set of post-E3 catch-up links, and it's headed by a link from a recent highlight, Indie Gaming Bingo, showing off The Marriage's perfect 5-in-a-row. And man, I can't believe Blueberry Garden didn't produce bingo-related results.

Also in this set of links - Jesper Juul and colleague on interface vs. gameplay, the GameTunnel indie round-up, an interesting piece (spoilers, obviously) defending the Bionic Commando remake's already much-maligned ending, some more good discussion on newsgames, and quite a few things besides. Including (the pictured) Scribblenauts, just in case you missed it.

Poly gon cities:

Indie Gaming Bingo: The Marriage
'Recording the trends and breakthroughs of independent game-making with as much integrity and accuracy as possible: Through BINGO cards.'

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » Easy to Use and Incredibly Difficult: On the Mythical Border between Interface and Gameplay
'“Easy to Use and Incredibly Difficult: On the Mythical Border between Interface and Gameplay” is a paper I co-wrote with Marleigh Norton and which we presented at the Foundations of Digital Games Conference in April 2009.'

James Parker Writing Blog > About Games Writing
' Sure, once you get down to doing a piece of work that’s what it’s about, but the majority of time, certainly at the start, the focus is going to be on sales, pure and simple. If you can’t do sales, you can’t do the job and that’s a very bitter pill to swallow for a “creative” person.'

1UP's Best Games of E3 2009
Haven't really linked to other round-ups, but this one is well laid-out and helpful, so there.

May 2009 Indie Game Round Up by Game Tunnel
'This month at Game Tunnel we have two freeware games! We've recently begun coverage of freeware, if it is excellent quality, and with today's economy who can blame us?'

GAMBIT: Updates: Why I Like Stupid Game Stories.
'While I'm not about to claim the story for Bionic Commando isn't silly, I don't find it to be nearly as random or meaningless as critics have claimed.' Spoilers, obviously, but an interesting discussion.

Newsgame, or Editorial Game? - News Games: Georgia Tech Journalism & Games Project
'Basically, our suggestion is that most games called "newsgames" don't have the same intentions or goals as traditional reporting, or "the news," but rather those of the op-ed piece: to persuade; therefore, we should label these digital opinion pieces as "editorial" rather than "news." '

Kraken vs. Stegosaurus, Griffin, Jackalope, God,... - Tiny Cartridge
Just in case people haven't checked out these demos of Scribblenauts... you should.