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As we barrel happily towards the weekend, time to check out some more GameSetLinks from the last week or two -- and the E3-related backlog is almost caught up with, thankfully!

We start off this set of links with an interesting piece of reporting from Newsweek on the Six Weeks In Fallujah game. Still trying to work out whether it's a little condescending towards the concept that games could add something to an intense real-life situation, empathetically, or on the button about the title's mixed message.

Also in here - a little more discussion on Dante's Inferno, plus the sounds of PopCap, Ron Gilbert walking through the original Monkey Island in his own words (OK, that's an E3 vintage link I only just caught up with!), and more things besides.

Go stay go:

Controversial Videogame on the Battle of Fallujah | Newsweek Technology | Newsweek.com
Neat to see a major mag like Newsweek do complex reporting on this story.

Dante's Inferno: The Reckoning Part 2: Blood Oath - Generations | Procedural Dialogue
Our own Chris Remo replying to Leigh's article: 'I’m not saying EA should be making a game closer to the source material; I’m saying they should never have claimed the association to begin with.'

Women and game development: Finding a greater humanity through play | Straight.com
Erin Hoffman: 'When it comes to women and video games, psychology, not physiology, is the barrier.'

Crispy Gamer | The Sounds of PopCap, Part 1: Bejeweled Twist
Neat idea: 'There's something in the "special sauce" at PopCap, and I suspect that the audio feedback -- the sounds of PopCap games -- have something to do with it.' Three parts (so far) linked within!

Teaching Game Design: Student Post-Mortems
'The list of things I see [after having his students make a board game] are astonishingly similar to the professional post-mortems that you see on Gamasutra when people make video games, and I feel echoes of previous classes I've taught where students made video games.'

StuartRoch.com: 'Impressions, E3 2009'
Activision's Stuart Roch has some interesting, personal opinions on E3, booths, highlights, etc.

Grumpy Gamer Stuff and Things and Monkey Island
Ron Gilbert walks through his creation, Monkey Island, for the first time in a few years, and documents his thoughts. Awesome.

Interactive fiction needs to grab its big opportunity | Technology | The Guardian
Current famous writer/video game crossover 'a pretty poor showing, especially when you consider how authors such as Iain M Banks, Neal Stephenson and William Gibson have been inspired by game culture. So why the paucity of novelist/game crossovers?'