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As we steam happily towards the weekend, time for a final set of GameSetLinks hanging around from our last RSS trawl, and it's headed by another complex piece of thinking from Duncan Fyfe's Hit Self-Destruct, alongside Mega64's inspired reversioning of Microsoft's E3 press conference, chomlettes and all.

Also in this set of links - neat lists of iPhone games, the perennial attempt to define 'indie' gets a new suitor, game design annoyances, German newspapers loving indie titles and Tale Of Tales, and lots more, apparently.

Chosen lords:

Hit Self-Destruct: Prometheus Unlocked
An interesting rumination on why games are played and why they become beloved to us.

Mega64 » Archive » E3 2009 Microsoft Keynote Highlight Reel
Harsh but fair, I think - so much awesomeness here.

Tale of Tales» Blog » New developers save videogames from boredom
A nice big indie games mention in a major German newspaper, with IGF prominently referenced too, neat.

What They Play - Today - John's giant list of iPhone games
A nice intelligent list, fanks!

NinjaBee Dance: Indie Game Developer: The Definition
The Kingdom Of Keflings/Outpost Kaloki folks hit it on the head, perhaps: 'Indie is exactly what you are. Anyone who you think has an advantage over you isn’t Indie.'

Geek Studies » Where’d My Key Go? (And Other Game Design Annoyances)
'I was talking to a friend the other night about how many (ostensibly) narrative games often do things that entirely defy logic and ruin a sense of immersive storytelling.'

GameSpy Video: Mega64: Same old Sh** - The New Game Developers Tool
Ah, bonus linkage - a little bitterness from the Mega64 folks, heh.