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Some more links? But where? Oh yes, that's what GameSetLinks is here for, and we've got another six for your delight and delectation tonight, starting out with OXM looking at where Xbox Live Arcade is nowadays, to within several nautical miles.

Also out there - controversial game maker Paolo Pedercini and machinima, another instalment of the practically transcendental 'Phantom Of Akihabara' translation, some intriguing discussion of Far Cry 2's politics, and a gigantic Street Fighter IV tournament-related tale.

King of fightings:

Coin Opps | OXM ONLINE
Thoughtful piece on Xbox Live Arcade's notable titles and future.

Paolo's Desert of the Real - News Games: Georgia Tech Journalism & Games Project
'Today we take a slight detour from our series on editorial games to celebrate an editorial machinima of exceptional quality, produced by everyone's favorite editorial game creator: La Molleindustria's Paolo Pedercini.'

Lively Ivy » Blog Archive » Bye Mom, I’m going to Book Camp
We need more people asking non-'core' game audiences about emotional experiences they've had playing games, I think. As a reminder that they do happen.

Experience Points: Lions and Jackals: The Politics of Far Cry 2 (pt.2)
Talking about a series that the author considers 'toys with that idea of videogames as educational tools, examining the game with a political lens.'

“The Phantom of Akihabara,” Chapter 3: “Taboos” @ Magweasel
Kevin continues to translate one of the most amazing pieces of game fiction writing I've ever read.

The Grind: SoCal Edition (SF4 Training) - iPlayWinner
Crazily detailed, interesting Street Fighter IV 'professional' tournament travelogue - via Versus City.