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Continuing, then, with GameSetLinks, there's a really neat Pixelsnatch blog about Final Fantasy IV, with a great deal of useful knowledge about FFXI and how its improvement might related to the next Final Fantasy online game being... not so bad?

Also in here: inevitable discussions on The Sims 3, open-source portable gaming goodness, why media overload needs careful managing, a neat critique of UFC Unleashed, and a multitude of other subjects.

Cha cha cha:

Will FFXIV be awesome? [五月][ミツバチ] - Blog - Pixelsnatch
'As an FFXI fan, I watched SE raise this thing from an awkward and tedious lesson in grinding to something fun and engrossing. All of their fuckups have been noted, fixed, and remembered. For an idea of what FFXIV will be doing right, here are a few of FFXI’s glaring mistakes and SE’s solutions.'

Cruise Elroy » The Sims 3
'The Sims 3 is still great at the sandbox style, of course, but in many ways the balance has swung back towards more traditional gameplay. This is due in large part to the judicious co-opting of established systems from other genres.'

NeoGAF - View Single Post - Official Dingoo A-320 Digital Multimedia Player Thread
Useful comparison of the three main open-source handhelds out there right now - Pandora, Dingoo, GP2X Wiz...

Wonderland: 2 brit WoW players journey the EU to meet their guildies
'Pixelsmith, a Leeds-based journalist, met up with his other UK-based guildie, and set off into Europe to find the rest of their WoW guild.'

Versus City » Blog Archive » Arcadia July - Umehara Six Page Interview
'Arcadia magazine has a six page interview with the one and only Daigo, where they talk about his playing history, starting with his impressions of the Gamestop tournament that happened earlier this year.'

UFC 2009 Undisputed: Actually Very Good « Double Buffered
Not only is this going to be a smash sales hit, seems like they dialed the gameplay, too: 'It’s my favorite non-traditional fighting game (traditional fighting games being everything derived from Street Fighter 2) and although it isn’t perfect, it does some things better than any other game I’ve played.'

Stendhal’s Playlist « Spectre Collie
Telltale's Chuck Jordan, in a post that's about media in general, but has major ramifications for games: 'Once you’ve said that it’s interest, not quality, that’s determining what you watch, it leaves plenty of time for guilty pleasures.'

Steven Poole: Poetry in motion?
'Flower is nothing like a poem, we ought to insist: it is a really interesting videogame, one which does things that many other videogames have already done, but with a more focused finesse, in the service of a clear artistic vision.'