Digital distribution platform GamersGate announced a deal to sell PC games from indie publisher Rockin' Android. As I've noted previously, RA specializes in localized shoot'em ups brought over from the doujin scene (titles created by hobbyist developers in Japan like Fate/stay night and Cave Story for example).

The first title released under this deal is Suguri, which looks like a side-scrolling version of Zone of Enders' midair battles in the video above. I'm not sure if the digital download version includes all of the editions and the soundtracks that come with RA's Suguri Perfect Edition's DVD-ROM, but if so, this is a great deal at only half the price!

Other doujin titles from RA's catalog that are likely part of the agreement include Gundemonium Collection, Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator, and Qualia. (RA already signed a deal with separate digital download store Direct2Drive, where titles like Suguri are currently available.)