I have no idea why Namco Bandai chose to introduce this Japanese Katamari Damacy Tribute trailer (coming to the U.S. late this year as Katmari Forever) with a monkey and chicken puppets, but that's probably the least strange thing going on in this video. Halfway through, you'll see a group of space robots -- one of them wearing what looks like the Infinity Gauntlet -- spinning while holding onto each others' ankles, swinging on rocket ships, and exchanging flying kicks over a giant flame.

The gameplay clips for this PS3 exclusive is fantastic, however, as is the remixed music from previous games in the Katamari series. The trailer also shows off some of the new modes (looks like a race at the beginning?) and the selectable graphic styles (e.g. new tone, wood tone). Katamari Damacy Tribute will release in Japan this July 23rd. Make sure to watch the video until the end to see the excellent Japanese boxart, too!

[Via Famitsu]