After a false report last week that Japan's Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS) banned the sale and production of rape games in the country, the Abel Group (Abel's chairman Kanno Hiroyuki is an EOCS director) announced that the organization decided to fulfill that early prediction and ban titles simulating forced sex. Note that this is not a government decree, rather a self-policing measure from Japan's software companies.

Comprised of over 200 software companies, the EOCS is an industry organization that oversees PC game ratings Japan. Nearly 100 representatives from the member companies gathered today for an emergency meeting and decided to move forward with the ban of rape games, according to a report from Abel Group's blog translated by Canned Dogs.

No votes on the measure were taken at the meeting as "there was an atmosphere among those who were present where many felt that there was probably no other way to solve this problem." Apparently, none of the companies attending voiced disapproval with the ban.

EOCS hasn't yet decided on the exact regulations of what games will or won't be allowed, but plans to work with each company individually until it has laid out all the specifics behind the ban.