[One final E3 round-up, then, and this one is a look at what we spoke to the hardware guys about. Thanks again to Brandon Sheffield, Chris Remo, Christian Nutt, Kris Graft, and Leigh Alexander (plus Eric Caoili for awesome backup!) for making the Gamasutra E3 coverage awesome.]

Following our round-ups of the three major E3 press conferences and our interviews with major attendees, we look at what Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft told us at E3 about their plans for 2009 and beyond.

Our team of reporters covering the Los Angeles-based event had a chance to talk to all of the major video game hardware manufacturers about their plans. Major topics of discussion spanned motion control, platform exclusives, satisfying both core and casual gamers, and lots more.

Here's summaries of what each of the three big companies talked to us about:


E3: Sony's Koller Talks Motion Control Rivalry, Core Versus Casual
"Sony's and Microsoft's gesture-based controls can't easily be distilled into core vs. casual, says Sony's John Koller, who also talks to Gamasutra about why Sony "didn't want to wave the defensive flag" on multi-platform games during its E3 briefing."

E3: Sony's Rohde - LBP And Mod Nation Are Just The Beginning
"Sony's Scott Rohde tells Gamasutra that Mod Nation Racers joins LittleBigPlanet are part of a pre-planned line of user-created games, and talks why "titles that you can't play anywhere else" are his top priority."

E3: Sony's Koller Talks Going Digital With 'Premium'-Targeted PSP Go
"Sony's John Koller talks the details of going digital with the PSP Go and how the dual-format media will work -- plus the $249 price point and what demographic the new "premium" hardware targets."


E3 Interview: Nintendo's Kaigler: 'We Need Core Gamers'
"Nintendo VP of corporate affairs speaks to Gamasutra on its competitors' motion control solutions, the esoteric Wii Vitality Sensor, and why the house of Mario "needs core gamers"."

E3: An Audience With Shigeru Miyamoto
"After E3 ended on Tuesday, Nintendo hosted a Gamasutra-attended roundtable in which Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the next Zelda game, rival companies' motion control systems, and lots more -- comprehensive write-up within."


E3: Microsoft's Kim: Games Can Update to Use Natal
"Talking to Gamasutra at E3, Microsoft's Shane Kim says that older Xbox 360 games can be updated to work with its newly-unveiled Natal motion-tracking technology - as showcased by a Burnout Paradise tech demo."

E3: Forza Dev Turn 10 Downplays GT5 Threat
"Microsft-owned Turn 10 studio manager Alan Hartman told Gamasutra from the E3 floor that his team is "very bullish" about the upcoming Forza 3, and is planning on experimenting with Microsoft's 3D camera Project Natal."

[Picture by Vincent Diamante, whose full E3 photo gallery is on Flickr.]