Shown off at E3 and considered by many as the highlight of the show, 5th Cell's Scribblenauts captivated gamers with its promise of puzzles solvable with almost any non-proper noun players can imagine and conjure (so long as it's not vulgar or alcohol/sex-related). Zombies, time machines, keyboard cats, gods carrying shotguns while riding a skateboard -- nearly anything goes.

Another part of the DS game's charm is its playful art style, affirmed by Nintendo Power's spectacular two-page spread in its latest issue, showing dozens of the animals, objects, and people you can summon (only a fraction of the Scribblenauts's tens of thousands of nouns).

Someone loved the image so much that he cut out its text and rearranged portions of the pages to create a desktop wallpaper, posting several versions online for everyone to enjoy. I love the classic monster figures, especially the adorable green one at the bottom.