Taking a cue from 2K Games' recent in-depth discussion on the development of BioShock 2's Big Sister, Electronic Arts concept artist Joey Spiotto published his own tell-all for the visual design of a video game character he helped create -- Dead Space's Kendra Daniels, who Spiotto notes was selected by Maxim last year as one of the "Hottest Video Game Babes of 2008".

Along with hair styles and outfits that were considered, the artist shares modeling packets that were put together before Ms. Daniels was transformed into 3D, with texture details and a gore pass (pictured below) to show what she'd look like after a run-in with the survival horror game's necromorphs. Spiotto also posted a photo of actress Tonantzin Carmelo, who provided the character's voice and likeness, in a mocap suit and with her face covered in markers. See it all here!

[Via Super Punch]