It's a difficult thing to meet David Carradine and not come away with a story, my wife tells me. She randomly ran into him at an event once where he was a complete gentleman, allowing her the courtesy of walking into a room first, right after he broke open the door for her with a karate kick.

With the Kung Fu actor's recent passing, many others are sharing their memorable experiences with Carradine. VoraciousAardvark had a particularly entertaining encounter from several years ago, when the hobby shop/video game retailer/LAN center he worked for booked Carradine for a celebrity signing of Kill Bill swords at its grand opening.

The entire chronicle of Carradine's visit (written before his death) is hilarious, but this excerpt gives us all some advice to live by, now that actor is no longer around:

"As we're leaving, David is suddenly in the doorway in front of us, with a giant grin on his face.

David: 'Hitting the ol' dusty trail?'
Me: 'Yeah, early morning and all, you know. It was great meeting you, really a treat.'
David: 'You too, you too. Listen, I have something to tell you before you leave, this is really important.'
Me: 'Yeah? Lay it on me.'
David: 'You're a young man, a lot ahead of you, and theres three things that helped me in life that you should know about. First, never leave something at what if.'
Me: 'Ok, keep going.' (nodding)
David: 'Second, this applies as you get older, never waste a hard-on.'
Me: 'Hehe, ok.'
David: "Last, never trust a fart.'
Me: 'o.O'

He shook my hand and walked back into the room after that. Crazy."