Despite years of training under legendary martial artist Gouken, Cookie Monster Ken and his chocolate chip hadouken is no match for Big Bird Ryu's rising dragon fist, at least according to this shirt from Jinx. The entire neighborhood seems enraptured by the brawl, with even kind-hearted Elmo throwing his fists in the air. I imagine Grover letting out a guttural, primal yell -- he's never felt so alive.

Jinx's product description:

"The unforgiving streets of public television are no place for weakness: either you fight, or you die. Join the courageous young brawler Large Avian as he embarks on a rampage of revenge against the animatronic gang that killed his family and defiled his nest. Watch as our hero trashes Oswald the Grump, spells out certain doom for the Cracker Beast, and puts their calculating, blood-sucking leader down for the count. New episode every Sunday!"

On the back, the shirt continues the Street Fighter/Sesame Street mashup with the Jinx logo in the bottom left corner:

[Via Superpunch]