Beginning this weekend, Sneaky Snake Productions kicks off its run of Adventure Quest, a stage play combining vintage graphics and 8-bit music to present a theater piece reminiscent of 1980s adventure gaming, particularly Sierra Entertainment's titles like King's Quest and Quest for Glory.

Adventure Quest stars a generic hero who becomes more and more self-aware as the game/play progresses:

"The town of Perilton has been invaded by the dreaded Cult of the Octopus, and our dashing hero is the only one who can save it! Gasp as he evades bloodthirsty monsters and solves devious puzzles! Cheer him on as he fights to win the hand of the mayor's beautiful daughter! Watch as he meticulously collects inventory items, and then exchanges them with other characters for new inventory items, which are then used to solve more puzzles!

Shift uncomfortably in your seat as the narrative becomes increasingly unhinged! Glance around nervously as characters are brutally murdered for no particular reason! Weep silently as your faith in a meaningful, ordered universe is irrevocably shaken!"

Seats for Adventure Quest's first night (this Saturday) at the Antidepressant Festival in Brooklyn's Brick Theatre are already sold out, but there are still three shows afterward on June 17th, June 25th, and July 4th -- celebrate Independence Day with video gaming theatre!

You can also catch this "nostalgic treat and a glimpse into the yawning void" (as described by the show's organizers) at Brick Theatre's Game Play event, a three-week gala featuring three game party nights and three performances "executed through video games and in video game styles".

The game parties entail an MMORPG Night where attendees play massively multiplayer online RPGs in a theatre, a Rock Band karaoke night with Harmonix's game played karaoke-style in a theatre, and a chiptunes dance party night promising game-inspired micromusic with video game projections on The Brick's 20-foot screen.

Along with Adventure Quest, Game Play's other two shows include Suspicious Package: Rx, "a 1960s sci-fi dystopia of a far-flung future that could be right around the corner" told via Zune media players; and Thank You, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle, four live-action machinima pieces that present four classical theater texts through World of Warcraft, Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4.

You can read more about Game Play at The Brick's official page for the event.