If these Mother/Earthbound toys look like some sweet you want to pop into your mouth and feel against the inside of your cheek, blame that on talented artist Camille Young, who set out to imbue a "shiny, candy-like finish" with the figurines, coating them with a clear resin.

If you're unsure why this weak Earthbound enemy is being referred to as a Borange instead of its in-game name, Fobby, it's apparently an inside joke originating from the series's fan community Starmen.net. I'll let the Earthbound Wiki explain:

"The name ... originates from [a Starmen.net member], Strawberry Tofu, telling apart [Foppies] from Fobbies, and that the only difference is their color. The infamous post read: 'Foppies are Pink, Fobbies are Borange'. Borange has no actual meaning, but gained a cult following..."

The handmade and individually numbered figurines are about 1” tall and 1.2” wide, with this first run limited to 100. They follow Fangamer.net's previous handmade and now sold out Earthbound products, which include Shark Punk Figurines and Plushie Gummies.

You can see more photos of the Borange figurines and their great packaging (also handmade) on Fangamer.net's product page. Young has also posted posted details behind their creation on her own site.