Contrasting the kid-friendliness of the last title we featured, Novarama's cute monster-collecting/battling PSP game Invizimals, ARhrrrr is a bloody, zombie-filled shooter for mobile camera-phones.

Developed by Georgia Tech's Augmented Environments Lab and Savannah College of Art and Design, ARhrrrr has you controlling a handset as a helicopter hovering over a town overrun with the undead. From above, you shoot at zombies to save civilians, though you'll also have to watch out for when they throw their organs at you.

One really interesting mechanic lets you lay down different colored Skittles (Yes, the candy!) on the play-space, where they will act as bombs that can be activated to affect both the zombies and civilians.

As game designer Blair MacIntyre notes, the project uses Nvidia's Tegra chip, so there is currently no commercial device that can run ARhrrrr (Tegra-based devices aren't expected to debut until later this year). So, don't set your heart on this releasing for iPhone or any other current smartphone soon!

[Via Offworld]