Lars von Trier's controversial Antichrist, a horror film starring a grieving couple (Willem DaFoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) visiting a cabin in the woods while grieving after the death of their child, will also receive a video game adaptation in the form of a first-person thriller/adventure PC game titled Eden, according to a report from Danish newspaper

Zentropa Eden Games will develop the title, headed by former Hitman series scriptwriter Morten Iversen. Iversen describes the game as "strong and very personal", "controversial", a "personal hell", and "a bit like a nightmare version of Myst. Von Trier will approve Eden's final design.

Slashfilm's translation of the Politiken article says the game will pull news clips and videos from the internet into the game universe, adjusting its action and presentation to fears that you disclose before starting the game (e.g. admitting you suffer from arachnophobia will result in articles about spiders popping up.).

Eden is still early in development but is expected to release within a year, possibly with the DVD release of Antichrist (the film debuted in Denmark last May).