For some reason or another, Sega never brought Treasure's Mega Drive/Genesis boss-rush shooter Alien Soldier to the U.S. in its original cart form, despite giving the game a traditional release in Europe and Japan, and making the title available in North America through its Sega Channel platform. The publisher eventually re-released the title on Wii's Virtual Console two years ago, but apparently some collectors are still upset about the lack of an NTSC physical release.

Sega-16 forumer Bratwurst reprogrammed a cartridge to play Alien Soldier on U.S. consoles, slapping appropriate art onto a box and the cart with authentic U.S. design elements. He even created a black and white manual to accompany the package. You can see more examples of Bratwurst's work below -- North American versions of Pulseman and Monster World IV (using unofficial English patches)!