Some of you might recall Brandon Sheffield posting about this odd PCB boss hack for Final Fight found in Mexico allowing you to select and play as the arcade beat'em-up's enemies and villains -- Rolento, Roxy (Alas and alack! No Poison!), Damnd, Bred, and Andore. The hack even provides unique special moves for each of the characters!

The videos posted for the hack back in 2007 were unfortunately very low quality, but ASSEMbler Games forumer TerryMasters put up a new collection of higher quality clips playing through the entire game.

His commentary can get annoying at some points, but he also offers useful details about other aspects of the hack, like the ability to swap characters at a couple points during the game, items that give you invincibility, and weapons being unequippable for any of the characters. You can watch the rest of the videos on TerryMasters' YouTube page.

[Via ASSEMbler Games]