Children's television production company 4Kids is taking a break from angering anime fans with inaccurate localizations for their favorite shows to launch its latest evil scheme on unsuspecting Canadians: an unholy triumvirate bringing together a popular cartoon, a trading card game, and a line of energy drinks.

Chaotic beverages -- based on the show of the same name and concocted by 4Kids, subsidiary TC Digital Games, and U & Me Marketing -- comes in four flavors "inspired by creatures and gameplay" from the card game: Dragon Fruit (Caffeine-Free) / Power Pulse; Blood Orange / Mind Strike; Grape Punch / Elixir of Tenacity; and Kiwi Melon – Sour / Fearocity.

Each drink can includes a tab that reveals an alpha-numeric code, which children can enter into the Chaotic card game site to unlock a virtual version of a card. The drinks are sold individually, and as four-packs that include a booster pack of cards.

No need to fear that this card game/tv show/energy drink mix will leave your kids addicted and strung out, though, as the four "formulations" are 100 percent natural! “The Chaotic beverage provides a great tasting choice for hydration that also helps contribute to one’s daily needs for a number of essential nutrients, antioxidants and functional herbs,” says U & Me Marketing's corporate dietitian, nutritionist, and regulatory affairs manager Carol Kerley-Rimmer.