One of several details King of Fighters fans will appreciate with KOF XII's stateside console release this July will be its "new 2D high definition, high resolution sprites". To compare the new sprites, Japanese site Hachimaki juxtaposed different fighters posed in identical positions -- above are Elisabeth Blanctorche and Mature, two of the game's console-exclusive characters.

In related news, Japanese company Exar intends to put out two new PS3/USB-compatible arcade sticks in Japan close to KOF XII's release, one using a six-button configuration with official art from the SNK Playmore game, and a stick with a four-button horizontal layout modeled after the original Neo Geo AES arcade stick. Unfortunately, Exar hasn't yet revealed any plans to bring them to North America.

NEOGEO Stick 2, ¥5,229 ($54):

KOF XII USB Stick ¥6,279 ($64):

[Via Arcade Renaissance,]